"A huge thank you to Marcus and the Hope team. Our fellow WSA Alumni wanted to express our gratitude for allowing us the opportunity to meet such incredible kids and their parents. My visit with these beautiful kids will stay in my heart forever!!!"


-Bruce Rothschild, WSA Alumni

San Diego Chargers

"The Hope Foundation was instrumental in adding joy, gifts of love and a smile that changes anybody's attitude forever. Especially, those kids in the hospital that day. Thank you for giving everybody hope!" 

-Sean Gorgone, PGA

Conscious Success Coach


"I'd like to thank my brother Marcus Brown and the Hope Dealing Mindset Corp for having us at the Walt Disney Pavilion Florida Hospital for Children. It was a pleasure meeting you an even more of a blessing passing out toys and bringing smiles to the children. Continue to be a blessing to the kids and you can always count on me and my WSA friends for continuing support!"

-Rusty Russell, WSA Alumni

Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders

"This was my first time doing such an amazing thing. Was very nervous in the beginning, that went away after we sang "Feliz Navidad"! Definitely an experience to remember and yet something I will personally never forget. What a wonderful time I had with all these amazing kids, parents, and people of HOPE. Looking forward to many more!" 

-Kayla Boles 

Singer, Model, Actress