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iHope Mentoring Program

iHope mentoring is a character and leadership building program that will implement workshops, expose youth to age-appropriate activities, and group/peer mentoring. The youth will grow socially through monthly activities that address character traits and leadership skills. The Hope Mentoring program will be offered to all youth ages 10-17 living in the neighborhoods in and around the City of Orlando. We are dedicated to building one-on-one and group mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and youth to encourage growth and opportunities in their personal, social, and academic lives. 

Where: Northwest Community Center 3955 WD Judge Dr.

When: Tuesday & Thursday Nights

Time: 6-8p

Contact: Marcus Brown

(352) 717-4054

If they are willing to learn it’s a must
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Sometimes they listen, and sometimes the
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iHope Mentoring
God I am HONORED that you chose me! 🤞🏾
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Field Trip To The Holy Land Experience

Orlando, Florida

 On December 8, 2018 we took our young men on the first field trip of many. We decided to visit The Holy Land Experience located right here in Orlando, Florida. Many of our youth have never been to the many attractions right here in the city and Holy Land turned out to be the perfect fit. This theme park isn't like the others because it offers such a different experience while you're there. Our topics from the last month was personal growth, and anger-management so we wanted the young men to get real-life examples of what it meant to grow properly and deal with your anger. There was a particular  show in which our boys wanted to see. It was called "The Heart of Christmas" and it has two parts to it. The young men was able to see stories acted out (amazing production) and saw how to respond in various situations in life. This also helped our boys to find out more in depth about Christ and the reason behind Christmas. They enjoyed themselves greatly to say the least. We would like to say THANK YOU to The Holy Land Experience for being such GREAT host for the day! The staff were amazing and ensured that everyone was taken care of. 

iHope Mentoring field trip to Holy Land
iHope Mentoring field trip to Holy Land
iHope Mentoring field trip to Holy Land
iHope Mentoring field trip to Holy Land
iHope Mentoring field trip to Holy Land

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